Silicon Alley: New York Venture Capital

Silicon Alley: Is calling New York City 'The Next Big Thing' premature? New York venture capitalists will discuss the competitive advantages of being located in New York and how they have strategically positioned themselves to win deals while competing with longstanding West Coast VC firms.

Jared Grusd '06 (Moderator) - Head of Global Corporate Development and General Counsel, Spotify
David Aronoff - General Partner, Flybridge
Roger Ehrenberg '93 - Founder and Managing Partner, IA Ventures
Stuart Ellman - Founding Partner, RRE Ventures
David Pakman - Partner, Venrock
Micah Rosenbloom - Partner, Founder Collective


Middle Market PE: Finding Gems in a Crowded and Competitive Environment

A shortage in quality assets combined with increased competition has led to valuations hitting decade highs over the first half of 2013. As the fundraising climate continues to improve, there will be a growing pool of capital chasing fewer quality opportunities. Private equity investors will discuss the techniques and strategies they are utilizing to maintain and grow returns in an increasingly competitive environment.

Jason Kelly (Moderator) - Managing Editor, Bloomberg LINK
Jeff Barber '01 - Managing Director, TA Associates
Stratton R. Heath III '95 - Partner, Oak Hill Capital Partners
Andrew Taub '96 - Senior Partner, Catterton Partners
Alan Wilkinson '84 - Partner, AEA Investors


The Flight of PE/VC to Emerging Markets

Investors from different global regions will discuss how access to capital as well as economic fundamentals in their respective markets impact their investment rationale.

Michael E. Rogers (Moderator) - Global Deputy Private Equity Leader, EY
Ignacio Aicardi '06 - Senior Vice President, Darby Overseas
Martin Diaz Plata '95 - Managing Partner, CIPEF
Barney MonteCo-founder and Managing Partner, Ozado Partners
Scott W. NaidechPartner, Chadbourne & Parke LLP
Tom SpeechleyPartner, Abraaj Group


Entrepreneurship as an Investor

How is the New Order of GPs Disrupting the Industry? As entrepreneurship takes center stage, the venture investment community leverages operational experience to strategically position themselves to create value in early-stage high growth start-ups. Direct management insight and a network of technologically minded human capital becomes increasingly paramount for successful entrepreneurs, making this new wave of VCs much more than just a financial resource.

Erin Griffith (Moderator) - Writer, Fortune Magazine
Mike Brown - General Partner and Founder, Bowery Capital
Jon Callaghan - General Partner and Founder, True Ventures
Eric Hippeau - Partner, Lerer Ventures
Nihal Mehta - Founding General Partner, Eniac Ventures
Laura Sachar '91 - General Partner and Founder, Starvest


Tech Venture Investing & Deal Flow

The dynamics of venture investing have changed in the last 5 years. Angels have played an increasing role as web 2.0 and the Internet more broadly have created great wealth and iconic companies. We’ve also seen a shift from Boston to New York as the “second city” for venture capital in America with the San Francisco Bay area retaining status as the 800 pound gorilla. There’s an increasing rift between the haves and have nots – with some companies raising funds at eye-popping valuations while others, despite performance, can’t gain fundraising traction. The panelists will discuss how they generate deal flow and how deals are (or aren’t) getting syndicated, why some companies are on fire while others become surprising have nots, how acqui-hires have become a default exit for venture-backed companies that can’t continue to raise capital, as well as other issues pertaining to the dynamics in the venture market.

Edward M. Zimmerman (Moderator) - Partner, Lowenstein Sandler LLP and Chair, Tech Group
Stacey Bishop '98 - Partner, Scale VP
Hilary Gosher -Managing Director, Insight Venture Partners
Mood Rowghani -Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Ian Sigalow '06 - Co-Founder and Partner, Greycroft LLC
Eric Wiesen '08 - General Partner, RRE Ventures


Hard Assets and the Economy: Real Estate Investing

The real estate market has continued to recover in the US and abroad, and as a result, we have seen new segments of the industry gaining strength. Demand among investors for diversification within their portfolios has led to an increase interest in Real Estate for investors seeking yield. The panel will focus on which segments of the market they see having sustainable growth in the future in both primary and tertiary markets.

Mark Grinis - Partner, Ernst & Young
Michael Nash - Senior Managing Director, Blackstone
Coburn Packard - Partner, Apollo Global Management
Jerome C. Silvey - Executive Vice President and CFO, Starwood Capital Group
Bradford Wildauer '88 - Partner, Head of U.S. Debt Funds, AREA Property Partners


Creating Value through the LBO

In today's markets, are private equity investors driving value through financial engineering or operational strategy? Portfolio CEOs and private equity investors will discuss how they develop their strategies in large-scale buyouts.

Margaret Cannella '76 (Moderator) - Professor, Columbia Business School
Seth Brody - Partner, Apax Partners
Andrew Cavanna '05 - Partner and Head of Healthcare, Vestar Capital
Bob Dangremond - Senior Advisor, Alix Partners
Sean Rodgers - Partner, Kirkland & Ellis
Bill Toler - Senior Advisor, Oaktree Capital


Growth Equity: Filing the Liquidity Gap

Growth equity incorporates many of the best elements of private equity and venture capital. Low capital loss ratios and attractive returns have led to an increase in LP interest, as well as an increase in competition. As venture capital firms, traditional buyout funds, and other investor groups look to growth equity, the ability for established players to effectively source attractive investments and differentiate from new entrants will be paramount.

Mark Hallock '82 (Moderator) - Partner, M2O Private Fund Advisors
Frank Ahimaz - CIO, The Museum of Modern Art
John Drew - General Partner, TCV
Bruce R. Evans - Managing Director, Summit Partners
Brian Rich '87 - Founding Partner, Catalyst Investors


Uncertainty and Opportunity in Distressed & Restructuring

In recent years, the impact of the global recession has seriously affected businesses across all sectors. Distressed investors will discuss how they are able to create value from businesses that face economic headwinds. Restructuring professionals will discuss specific transactions which have led to successful results.

Michael Genereux '95 (Moderator) - Senior Managing Director, Blackstone
Wesley R. Edens - Founder and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Fortress Investment Group
Shawn Foley - Co-Senior Portfolio Manager, Avenue Capital
Jon Fox '04 - Senior Managing Director, Värde Partners
Gerald Madigan - Managing Director, JP Morgan
Patrick Nash - Partner, Kirkland & Ellis